Baby-BeeHaven See n’ Store #Review

*Disclosure: I received one or more products mentioned below at no cost to me to facilitate a review; regardless all opinions are my own.

About Baby-BeeHaven

Baby-BeeHaven began when founder, Heather, realized the products she needed as a parent were not available. So she set out to create her own product line, not only for herself, but for other parents too. Baby-BeeHaven creates products that make lives as parents easier and their babies happier!


BabyBeeHaven See n' Store Review I received Baby-BeeHaven’s See n’ Store and I cannot recommend it enough. If you’re like me you have to practically take the whole house with you. But unless you’re willing to drag around a large stroller you don’t have much storage space. Sure you have a space below where your child is seated, but my red umbrella stroller storage space is small. Which is why I find the See n’ Store so useful, because it serves more than one purpose. It keeps all your necessities within reach and it holds a tablet so that you can play cartoons and music for your little one. It keeps them engaged and entertained during long lines and strolls.

The See n’ Store is easy to install and is made out of thick, quality material. I just love my See n’ Store and I’ll probably be using it in long car rides as well. 😉

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